A Complete Vastu Guide for Your Home

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A Complete Vastu Guide for your Home

Vastu-shastra experts acknowledge that if a home is built without accommodating the Vastu household guidelines, it is an omen to the composed as well as the occupant. Disrespect to global domination sets a home in excessive danger; a durable conflict beside struggles of lifetime carrying solemn difficulties to it. Orthodox are of the opinion that with the support of liberal, helpful ladders and Vastu shastra for household structure, it is on no occasion too late to obey to the philosophies of Vastu-shastra and brand apology.

Vastu Guidelines on Elementary Vastu for Household

Succeeding these vastu shastra guidelines for home should be preserved in awareness whereas building a household bestowing to Vastu. Swami residential interior designers in Mumbai are well versed with Vastu best practice.

Vastu for gates and windows.

Conferring to vastu entry, They should permanently look in east. Placing of gates and windows can be transformed to Northeast, East of Northeast, or North of Northeast. This placing permits confident movement of energy into the area. A swastika sign is recommended to be positioned on gates sideways from weighty decorations.

Home entering vastu recommends that the household should have two overviews. They should not be allied and the one used as departure should be moderately minor.

According to Vastu, the main entrance is the major gate of the household, it should consume two covers. To build gate, teak is extremely expressive solid for upright equilibrium.


Living rooms are the historic plug in any domestic and are typically in the forward space of a home. They can be as extensive or huge as must one satisfy. Conferring to Vastu for living room, living rooms are graded with greatest importance. Though, one must preserve in attention the route that the occupant would aspect, when interior the chamber. Fronting East provides improved outcomes whereas fronting North also confirms to be advantageous, offered the living room is in the forward-facing rather in the middle.

According to Vastu guidelines for living room, surpass having the living room in the west or south course from the forward-facing room as these directions do not produce the appropriate atmospheres of the global energy.

One can consume additional than one gate for the living room, assumed that they are in the correct direction and in agreement with Vastu-shastra. Moreover, one must uphold the loveliness and delicacy of this chamber as it sponsors a routine with insignificant conflict and delight.

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Vastu for bedroom

Conferring to the chamber vastu, space for the bedchambers of Male family members should be in West or Northwest directions of a household, as they embrace imposing and commanding services.

It is perfect to have the bedchamber of female family members fronting south or southeast direction as it guarantees marvelous well-being and delight.

According to master bedroom Vastu guidelines, the master bedroom is desirable to be in southeast direction.

As per the vastu for master bedroom, bedrooms of married children are preferably in the southwest direction. Similarly, if the home is sky-grazing the master bedroom should be on the second floor. However, the children’s room should not be in the similar zone/second floor as it carries anxiety.

It is an evil sign to have just marrieds couple’s room facing the east.

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Vastu for kid’s room

Vastu has convinced expressive events by what means we can beautify and place the kid’s bedrooms. Those measures are:

Vastu for bathroom

Vastu for bathrooms declares that the perfect directions for taking the bathrooms are west and south and drainage must face Northeast. These locations advise that the sun cascades straight on the body after having a bath.

As per the vastu shastra for bathrooms, the toilet should be located in West or Northwest of the room and ought to be at a level of 30 cm to 60 cm.

If the washroom is an attachment to the building, then it must be situated in the West or Northwest direction.

In accordance with guidelines of Vastu for washroom, Bathtubs and sinks should be positioned in the Northeast, North, or East side of the washroom.

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Vastu for dining room

The dining room must be near to the kitchen and in southwest, northwest or northeast directions of a home. To encourage productivity, the dining room should be placed in the western direction of a house.

As stated by dining hall vastu, It is desirable to dodge the settlement of the kitchen in southwest direction of the home because it blocks economic growth and worsens the landlord’s health.

Consistent with vastu advices for dining table, the dining table should be placed in the center but not in southwest direction of the home.

Unlike floors for the kitchen and dining room should not occur as carrying food items from one floor to another leads to inconvenience.

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Vastu for kitchen

According to vastu shastra for kitchen, it is advisable that the kitchen must be in the southeast or northwest directions and in the east direction the cooking must take place. Evade the use of north-eastern direction of the building as kitchen because it conveys negative vibes and produce quarrel in the family.

Along with kitchen position according to vastu, the location of the washing area must be fronting the north-eastern direction and should be away from the gas stove as it grasps back harmony and love of the family.

Kitchen as per vastu should evade consuming the kitchen in the north-eastern direction of the kitchen as it brings distress between the family members.

The storage shelves especially the heavy ones should be south or west facing.

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Vastu for puja room

A puja room is considered as an essential and fortunate room of all in a home and according to home temple Vastu, it should be supremely positioned in north-eastern crook of the ground floor. Otherwise, east, south or west corners can also be well-thought-out.

In accordance with puja room Vastu, images or signs of god should be placed in east or west corner, whereas the believer should look in east or north directions. The table should be 2.5 cms away from the wall.

As said by the puja Vastu, the locating of devotions can be wherever and not in a specific direction. As prayers are overheard from everywhere on justification of dedication and respect to god.

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Vastu for study room

Vastu suggests that a study room is considered as a silent place and so it must be in north-eastern corner of a house. The study room should be adjacent to the puja room, this styles the room more advantageous. Also, remember that the room should face east or north.

Following the study room design, the library should be facing west and should not be in the corner of the room and the book shelve must be kept either in east, north or west corners instead of being in the north, northeast or west.

Vastu of study room recommend that the room must have a two-cover up doors situated in the North, Northeast, or West corners of the room whereas the windows must be in the East, North, or West directions.

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Vastu for staircase

A staircase in the house is well-thought-out to be a classy matter beside with it being a bulky installation. If one must agree to have it in their home, according to Vastu the staircase should face the south or west part of the house. On the word of the Vastu for stairs, employing the northern or eastern corners as staircases demonstrate to be injurious as it generates conflict between bulky things and lighter sectors of the home.

Though, now there are few vastu guidelines for staircase to evade any misperception while positioning them , they are as follows:

Firstly, the total number of stairs must not end with the digit zero for example 10,20… and so on also, it should not end with even numbers too. It is because one should always put the right feet first as it carries good luck of the family members and stairs which end with an even number encourages the left feet which signifies loss and ill-fate.

Vastu also advice one to evade having circular staircase. As said by Vastu guidelines for house staircases, the room’s entrance that joins the top of the stairs should be at least 20 cms closer than the one that joins the bottom of the stairs.

Damaged staircases should be repaired immediately. According to the guidelines of Vastu-Shastra one must evade having the puja room and the bathroom under the staircase.


Swami Interiors, one of the best interior designers in Mumbai Maharashtra stresses on the importance of Vastu and its role in interior designing of residential space by emphasizing on the benefits of Vastu thus making its importance crystal clear. . Hence, it is very important to consider principles of Vastu while designing the interiors of a house as following the right Vastu concepts lead to good health, prosperity and overall gains and brings along positive energies that sync in with the five elements of nature.

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