List of Top 10 Best Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai

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List of Top 10 Best Residential Interior Design Firms in Mumbai

Interior designing is all about nurturing invention and experimentation. We provide a list of Top 10 best interior designers in Mumbai Maharashtra India, trained in the best workrooms, with real hands-on experience on designing concepts. Schedule a meeting with the best interior designer in Mumbai to unleash the best ideas for your existing space, be it residential, office, or commercial. Live and work the way you ask for with beautiful and comfortable surroundings.

Our interior designers blend your needs with their creativity to carve out the space that you have been dreaming about. Looking for the best residential interior designer in Mumbai can be a tedious task as it involves many technicalities that one has to take care of. Mumbai boasts of residential projects consisting of wide-ranging ideas, decor, and layouts, hence, choosing the right designer is a tough task. We make the task simple by providing you a list of the top 10 best interior designers in Mumbai Maharashtra India.

# Index
#1Swami Interior Design
#2Milind Pai
#3AVN Interiors
#4Kunal Interiors
#5Nitido Design
#6ZZ Architects
#7Space Interior
#8SNK Interiors
#9Concept Interiors
#10Anish Motwani Associates

#1 Swami Interior Design

Swami Interior Design, ranked among the Top 10 interior design firms in Mumbai Maharashtra, an example of perfection, are aware of how to adapt to rapid technological changes with their Interior designing business. This company has been serving the residents of Mumbai and outside Mumbai even for ages.

The level of trust and faith in the staff of Swami interiors, one of the budget friendly residential interior designer in Mumbai, was not won overnight but rather it took many nights to become and stand at a higher position where they are today. Swami Interior Designers hold the capability to serve both the residential interior and commercial interior needs of their respective consumers. If you are wondering who is the best interior designer in Mumbai? Indeed Swami Interior Design is one of them.

Having well-defined business aspects, the interior design firm's target audience comprises of the middle class and upper-class residents. Pricing is managed in a way that both the classes feel free in hiring for designing their home sweet homes. They have their own personalized designs with 3D which further supports the statement that they have adapted to the 21st century's technology and are rocking the Interior Designing Industry in India.

Swami Interior Design is ranked among the top 10 interior designers in Mumbai, The firm pledges 15 to 20% more space for all your interiors, be it residential, office or commercial. With over 10 plus years of experience, Swami Interior Design is headed by Komal Lembhe & Bhakti Salgaokar a graduate from L.S Raheja School of Architecture with a degree in Interior Design and Decoration and has catered to many clients with its imagination and creativity.

Swami interiors, one of the best residential interior designer in Mumbai, have a portfolio with innovative designs. Each design is unique having eye-catching, worth praising designs. Each design differs from another.

So, if you think you are a quiet confusing person and not much decisive then better take someone with you to help finalize one design. But, do not worry, the experienced and friendly staff of Swami interiors, interior designers and decorators in Mumbai is always there to help others with finalizing interior designs for dream houses.

The experienced and well-trained staff of Swami Interiors, deserve to be considered as one of the top 10 Interior Designers in Mumbai. One can also let the staff know what they expect? or what type of decor they are looking for.

Homes are not built that easily. It takes years of struggle, professional interior designers & design services along with lots of effort, particularly in places like India where inflation is high. Having or dreaming of your own house is not an easy task and best interior decorators in Mumbai assist you in shaping the space of your dreams.

When one finally is able to build his/her own home than step 2 compromises of "How it should look from inside?" Now is the time when you browse for different ideas etc. for interior designers and decorators in Mumbai Maharashtra. To serve such people and help them achieve what the resident wants, Swami interior design jumps in for all of the designing and execution needs.

Interior designing is one important aspect of housebuilding, Swami interior design work process involves:

Everything that you place regardless of size matters. From placing a coffee table to designing shelves in your kitchen everything is necessary for one of the best professional interior designers & design services.

One important point to note here is, filling your home with too much furniture accessories or any other stuff will just ruin the purpose of peace. It will not only make your house congested but you yourself will find it hard to breathe. Keeping this in mind the best residential interior designers at Swami interior design make sure to create spaces with creativity.

The upper and middle-class families, restaurants, and offices are also part of their clients' list and not just residential interior. Work-ethics enriched staff of one of the top 10 interior designers in Mumbai Maharashtra is happy to serve.

Swami interior decorators in Mumbai have their own shop and a running website where one can better find out about other important factors. The requirements of a client are fully heard. The top interior design firms in Mumbai first fully analysis the house or workplace that requires decor and then comes with different creative ideas etc. Being one of the top interior designers in mumbai the company has shown its excellency in Turnkey projects & commercial Interior Design as well.

Each interior decorators in Mumbai project revolves around innovative ideas with a combination of thoughtful leadership. The team makes sure to build and maintain a healthy relationship with each client. Regardless, which project is ongoing, every assignment has vivid colors, best selection of furnishing, best collection of other necessities.

These design professionals make sure to keep the famous Indian cultures alive in every project and so it is made sure that the decoration bought has Indian antiques with colorful accessories that are rich in art. Thus, giving life to whichever room it is placed in.

It is made sure by the team that 15-20% space is left so that the room does not look overcrowded.




What role do interior designer play?

An interior designer shapes your dreams and transforms your living space in a beautiful and comfortable premise. Clients vary from homeowners to big establishments. The designs thus created are different, to match customer tastes, needs and comforts. Our aim is to make the interior attractive and functional.

Why do i need to hire an interior designer?

Everyone dreams of living in a beautiful and comfortable house. Interior designers combine beauty and comfort and provide you with the best available option for maximum utility.

How do i select the right designer?

Since interior designing requires considerable investment and cannot be done frequently, one needs to be cautious in choosing the right designer for the job. So, select a designer who understands the objectives, and can implement the interior designing venture as per your budget.

Why is there a need to hire one of your designers?

We shape your dreams to reality. We transform your residence according to your taste and preference. Customized designs accompanied by 3D visuals taking care of all your home decor requirements like Civil work, Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring, False ceiling and Painting with no concealed costs. Designs as per Vaastu for deriving optimum benefit within the existing resources and providing you with 15 to 20% more usable space.

How does the designing process start?

The process starts with site visit, space planning, measurements, conceptual and 3d designing, selection of material and site execution.

What should i expect during my first consultation with the designer?

The first consultation is the meeting between the designer and the home owner where the owner can show the designer thee space he wants to renovate, discuss his expectations. Discussions can include the scope of the project, client requirements and the estimated budget. The designer can showcase his or her previous assignments. Billing and payment structure can also be discussed. The chief aim of consultation is to make the client aware about the designing process.

What is meant by design concept / proposal and what all is included in it?

Our designer shall provide you with reference designs, colour palettes and mood boards to provide you with an inkling of what your home shall look like after the makeover. The designer shall also share an estimate for furniture, products and home service costings will be shared.

What all aspects should i consider before commencing the project?

Be open to new ideas. Try blending your requirements with the suggestions that the designer offers. Let the designer be aware of your tastes and preferences along with the budget you have in mind. Stay open minded and our designers shall chalk out a customized design to match all your requirements.

What should i ask at the first meeting?

Clearly let the designer know about your needs, discuss what you are looking for and the budget hat has been kept aside for the same. You can also jot down the questions that you would like to the designer to answer. Trust your designer as they shall come up with great ideas along with great service

What shall be the duration of the meeting with the designer?

Duration usually depends on client requirements and usually lasts for about an hour or so

What shall be the duration of the project?

Since the size may vary for each and every project, duration usually depends upon the size of the project and client specifications A 600 sq ft project usually takes somewhere around 45 to 60 days.

What shall be my involvement in the project?

Your presence shall be required for space planning to suit your requirements, during concept finalization, and for selecting material according to your taste and preference and within your budget.

How do you share the final design?

Our designers make a note of your requirements, design keeping them in mind and then prepare the cad design with reference images. if the designs are approved by the client, the designs are then converted to 3d max view. If any changes are required, the same are implemented and the designs are ready for final viewing.

What if i am not happy with your work?

We make more options available by crafting more detailed designs to you so as to get you the best possible solution.

What kinds of project are undertaken?

We are well known for designing residential interior and commercial office space

Are your designer competent enough to take care of the entire project?

Yes. Our designers are fully competent to take care of all aspects related to civil work, electrical fittings, carpentry, plumbing, false ceilings, flooring and any other work related to the design and decor. You name it - we provide it.

How do i receive update on my home interior design project?

We believe in complete transparency while working with our clients. Before commencing the project, the designer shall provide you with a time schedule relating to the progress of the project and shall provide you with regular updates through your desired mode of communication (emails, calls, site meetings)

Are regular visit mandatory?

Entirely up to you. The designer shall be visiting the site at frequent intervals for monitoring the progress work of the project. The designer shall provide you with regular updates regarding the progress of the work. If you wish, you can plan a site visit with the designer to discuss your concerns.

Are there any small projects?

Project size is immaterial. All projects undertaken with the same efforts and passion



Building Name: EMP Thakur Village

Location: Kandivali East

Know more about the project

2BHK Interior Design

Building Name: Vasant Oasis

Location: Andheri East

Know more about the project

2. Milind Pai

The mind behind this interior design firm in mumbai is Milind Pai one of the top 10 interior designer in Mumbai, an architect who graduated from Sir J.J College of Architecture in the year 1987. He graduated with a first-class degree. After completion, the business of Interior Designing came into existence in the very first year after graduation.

The firm takes pride in being one of the known commercial interior designers in Mumbai. The vast range of assignments having different ongoing projects such as Turnkey Projects speaks for itself. Interior designing requires to revolve around the famous mantra to inspire creativity. Every new design has to be different one way or the other from another.

The cooperative team of Milind Pai takes orders of clients and deliver within the set time frame. Website

Address: Kuber Complex, 120,
New Link Rd, opposite Laxmi Industrial Estate,
Veera Desai Industrial Estate,
Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

3. AVN Interiors

AVN is an abbreviation for Aditi Vora Nair. To be successful in finding out an experienced interior designer capable of bringing the vision to life is no easy job. It requires a similar effort as if looking for a colleague or a partner capable of understanding your needs.

This is why we have tried to make things simpler for the reader and have broken down the interior designers into list of the top 10 interior designers in Mumbai and among our selection AVN interiors matches the right category of interior designing.

AVN interior design company has years of experience and so their staff is capable of guiding the client towards making the right decision creatively. According to AVN interior design firm, interior design is not just about designing a rather sincere effort of a designer at the backend.

Similarly, in the commercial sector, this brand has an experience of creating outstanding workplace spaces with a proper eco-friendly commercial system. They make sure to use natural elements in their work process to give a good and friendly environment in contrast to boring and hectic office looks. Website

Address: Soni House,
4th, N.S Mankikar Marg,
Indira Nagar, JVPD Scheme, W,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056

4. Kunal Interiors

Kunal & Associates design studio came into being in the year 2002 by Kunal Mistry. This interior design firm in Mumbai started off with three points mantra Create, Innovate and Inspire. The man behind this firm has a long history of Arts and creating interiors. Kunal Mistry has experience of more than 15 years and thus the experience combined with a proper understanding of modern fashion and style.

The team of Kunal & Associates deal in Hospitably designs, Residential designs, and Office designs. Each of the three categories differs in terms of design patterns but there are some commons too.

When it comes to hospitably designs, these designers make sure to create a design that will leave a positive impact on people and give them an open space to interact. Under the Office design, it is made sure to create a better working environment where business people can discuss and execute their ideas at peace.

Each residential interior design is unique, and a sense of warmth and home feeling is created under this section. With the latest and unique residential designs that will make each day more functional and more bright the company offers designing from the first stage of concept development to the completion stage.

High-end residential, commercial, and institutional projects, hotels, and restaurants all are their clients. Website

Address: Shop No. 5, Atit Shopping Centre Opp,
Apna Bazar Road, JP Rd, Andheri West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400053

5. Nitido Design

Nitido Design is in the field of architecture interior design for twelve years. The company has been successful in winning numerous hearts and get hold onto the much-needed expertise in the regarded industry. They have an expert team of management that deals in various types of projects. From residential designs to workplace designs, the company's staff know how to handle it all.

Nitido makes sure to use A-class quality raw materials throughout the process. The services of Nitido comes with 1 year of warranty. They have a maintenance team that makes sure to handle any snag. Nitido also offers deep cleaning.

Their financial plan is very flexible. Each project comes with different pricing. You have easy options to opt for your dream home, your workplace, restaurant, hotels, etc. You can go for monthly disbursements at your ease. Website

Address: A -1, Aurus Chambers, S. Amritwar Marg,
behind Mahindra Tower, Worli, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400013

6. ZZ Architects

ZZ Architects is led by two known architects, Zubin Zainuddin and Krupa Zubin. The firm has won a multi-award-winning design. They are famous for their modern and unique style of interior design.

They have been excelling in serving the Luxurious hotels of Mumbai. Their operations are not limited to Mumbai only but rather have clients in other cities as well.

ZZ Architects deal in Finance, Hotels, Restaurants and different industries. They have been involved in politics and film projects as well. ZZ Architects has a team of 60 experienced architects and interior designers. Website

7. Space Interior

SPACE INTERIOR is also one of the top interior design companies in Mumbai Maharashtra India. The company has a team of Architects, Civil Engineers, and Interior Designers. They have a vast scope of rendering services for different sectors in India. SPACE Interiors like other above mentioned top interior design firms in mumbai also deal in Office interiors, Residential, Commercial, Maintenance work, Restoration projects as well as Consultant Projects.

In short, under one roof multiple services are being offered by the company at a very decent rate. Website

8. SNK Interiors

SNK interiors stand for Somaya and Kalappa consultants. They have a diverse range of offerings and that include innovative designs, practical solutions, and handling of other tasks by different expertise. SNK interiors have a team of architectures, graphic designers, qualified management aware of master planning, a communicative team offering ancillary services, etc.

SNK interior decorators in mumbai has a history of providing topmost quality of professional services to each client. SNK interiors believe in tapping the emotions of their clients and adding strength to the interior designing work. They make sure that the building that they construct is well responsive to land, meet the exception in terms of art and creativity, geometry, symmetry, and necessary forms to adapt. Website

9. Concept Interiors

Concept Interiors is another leading interior designers of Mumbai. They have handful experience in specialization of design and final delivery of interior related projects. The company has clients in residential sector as well as office interiors.

They are known for

  • Providing high quality product
  • Delivers on time
  • Zero compromise on customer satisfaction
  • Each staff of the company has innovative ideas
  • Unique choice of interior materials
  • Latest designs
  • Flexible financial system


10. Anish Motwani Associates

Anish Motwani Associates interior design company in mumbai make sure to better understand and translate the true essence of emotions and thoughts of their clients. They make sure to add colors to the wishes and dreams of their customers when it comes to interior decoration. The firm makes sure to undergo planning and designing of projects according to available space, storage requirements and natural ambience.

Anish Motwani's work has been part of magazines and newspapers as well. The company has experience of working with

  • Italian Style
  • Contemporary Style
  • Modern Style
  • Japanese Style
  • Retro
  • Ethnic Style
  • Block and White Style
  • Indo British Style
  • French Renaissance

Their Services

  • Project Management Consultants
  • Interior Design


The Conclusion

Remember amazing interiors are not a matter of chance. Great designs are a result of a lot of efforts, planning, innovation, and experimentation. Hence choosing the right designer for designing your residential, office or commercial space is crucial.

Allow our top interior designers to chalk out a customized interior decor, that defines your taste, preferences, and requirements for transforming your existing place! Carefully select the designer who caters to your needs and witness your dream house taking shape.

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