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Vastu Tips For Bathroom and Toilet  Reading Time : 4 minutes, 7 second

Vastu Tips For Bathroom and Toilet

vastu is a science that helps during the construction of a house or building in a manner that proves beneficial in many ways. vastu applies o the entire house, be it bedroom, living room and even....

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vastu Tips For Bedroom  Reading Time : 2 minutes, 36 second

vastu Tips For Bedroom

vastu shastra for bedroom advices that male members of the family should have their bedrooms either in West or Northwest corners of a home as they have powerful and convincing militaries....

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vastu Tips For Dining Room  Reading Time : 3 minutes, 19 second

vastu Tips For Dining Room

Food is considered as God (Anna Devta) in the Hindu mythology. Food is worshipped as it gives us energy to tackle daily tasks. Therefore, it is important to serve the food in the right direction as....

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vastu Tips for Living Room  Reading Time : 3 minutes, 12 second

vastu Tips for Living Room

vastu Shastra plays an important role in determining the strategy and structure of a certain location for achieving maximum gains. vastu is also known as an art form. vastu Shastra is a blend of art....

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