Compact Living Room Decor That Instantly Opens Up The Space

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Compact Living Room Decor

A question arises about the compact spaces and how they should be designed. Compact spaces allow you to get creative with your designs. Small living room’s interiors don’t need to be boring. We have listed some tried and tested method for designing a small living room in order to make it look spacious.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas #1: Pick the Right-sized Furniture

Decorating or designing a small living room is a game of space. Too-big or too-small furniture can spoil the whole room so, it’s better to choose the right-size furniture. If these are of perfect size it can make you room look more spacious.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas #2: Layer Decor Items

The decorating items for this room should be minimal. And in order to arrange them properly you should know the correct dimensions. Hence, rugs, coffee tables, pillows are some options that will not create a chaos.


Small Living Room Decorating Ideas #3: Use Light Fixtures as Décor

The floor space is essential in this room so avoid having a table lamp instead use lights on walls and ceiling. For using them as décor purpose choose a design that is timeless and can catch the eye of the person even when he lights are off.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas #4: Pare Back the Knick-knacks

To some choosing décor items is a time pass. Choosing timeless and eye-catching items will just change the idea of your rom. If you have many décor items with you, the don’t display them together but keep on changing regularly as this allows you to have a new décor item for each season.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas #5: Bring in Metallic Finishes

Whether it’s in the form of a sconce or the legs of your coffee table, try for having metallic finishing in your living room. These bounces back the light and the room seems to be spacious. It also adds a luxurious feeling in the room.


Pro Tip:

Try to keep the floor bare as cluttered flooring may occupy space and will make it look cramped. Avoid bulky furniture. If you have already bought the furniture then consider moving showpieces to the wall to keep floors as free as possible.

The best small decorating ideas allows you to use more space without any clutter.

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