Design the Perfect Bedroom with these 5 tested ideas

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5 tested ideas for designing perfect bedroom

Organizing things in such a way that the room looks spacious is a tough job to do, however most of the times going beyond a bed and two side tables can bring all kinds of questions in mind. What to do in this awkward corner? Can I fit a sofa or an armchair in my room? While arranging your room if these questions arise in your mind the definitely this is for you. Here are some guidelines for planning the layout of the room in order to make it spacious. It is also according to Vaastu.

#1: Place the Bed Against the Right Wall

In accordance with Vaastu placing the headboard of the bed against the main wall brings positive vibes in the room. However, try not to place the bed against the wall with pumping and drainage pipes because obviously no one wants the clanking pipes to disturb their peaceful sleep. If the room is rectangular in shape then it is better to divide the space into different zones, allowing it to push the bed against a corner. If the room is in square shape then the bed best is best placed along the central axes.

#2 Also, Let Windows Decide the Placement of Furniture

You are really lucky if you have windows in your room. Let your bedroom layout flow around those windows. However, you can do this by keeping the window wall empty and moving all the furniture to other sides. If you are enforced to put something on the window wall then go for a bed with a smaller headboard or a desk or vanity which ends below the window will also work. Moreover, if you are dealing with a balcony it will be better not to put anything in front of it. Allow he light to pass freely through it.

#3 Bring in Sufficient Seating

Some are blessed with extra square footage if you are one of then you may be able to adjust an armchair or a bench in that corner. Mostly, empty corners are ideal to convert into a reading corner with an armchair and a standing lamp. Moreover, benches can be placed along the window or against the foot board of the bed. If you don’t have much space against your bed, the go for floating shelves over side tables to evade visual clutter.

#4 Consider These Important Vaastu Principles

If you believe in Vaastu, then you must be aware of the fact that the layout of bedroom is essential in establishing a restful space. Bedrooms facing towards South-West brings the most luck, so the beds should be placed accordingly. The bed frame of your choice should be made of wood and not metal. It may release negative energy. While arranging the vanity unit make sure the mirror does not face the bed.

#5 Look to the Sun to Maximize its Benefits

For a peaceful sleep expose yourself to the morning sunlight, according to the studies it is said that exposing to the morning sunlight will help you sleep better. Keeping it in mind, you can decide the layout of your bedroom in such a way that if you wake up the rays hit your bed at an angle. You can also place the vanity mirror so that it reflects the sunlight. Also, unwanted sunlight can be minimized using curtains or other structural additions.

Moreover, these guidelines to plan your bedroom layout will create a joyful, relaxing space out of your room!

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