Experts Address Common Interior Design Concerns

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Experts Address Common Interior Design Concerns

Swami interiors, the best interior designers in Mumbai, are enthusiastic about getting the right information related to residential and workplace interiors across to you. Be it designing suggestions, technical knowhow, trends or simple housekeeping queries, we are here to help. Some of the frequently asked questions related to interior designing concerns answered are being addressed by our in-house designers.

What are the trending designs these days?

This is a frequent query. Our proffesional residential interior designers in Mumbai would like you to know that no interior design ever trends. Homes are designed in accordance with the taste, style and requirements of the owner and in each cases, taste, style and requirements differ. However, the perception of functionality is definitely trending. Functional homes means those homes where each piece of furniture/furnishing subsists for a purpose and these homes are clutter-free and look spacious. Search for the best functional homes for inspiration.

The interior designing trends also vary as per the geographic locations. All metropolitan cities have their own customary preferences for interior designing. So, flip through the interior designing trends prevailing in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Apart from these, there are other specific trends; like white kitchens are trending presently. Similarly, dramatic headboards are trending in bedroom decor and check out the exclusive collection of headboards at Swami interiors.

Can a small space be designed for a limited budget?

The cost of interior décor mainly depends upon the material that one chooses to furnish a particular space or a house. Great designs can be established within a limited budget by going in for material that is easily available, is durable and is available in vibrant colors for exclusive designing. In metros, people usually stay in flats that gives them little space for décor which can be efficiently done. Interior décor is not about expensive things, instead it is about making the space lively and comfy.Small homes can be furnished to perfection if there is proper space optimization

Is color more important or material? How to choose the right color scheme?

Color and material, both are equally important, however ne should choose the color first since material is available in an array of colors. Choosing the colors is the first step towards the interior décor. Color reflects taste, style and personality. Neutrals, blues and pastels help in creating a comforting atmosphere while vibrant colors give out a cheery vibe.

Make sure that the colors that you choose have a welcoming tone.

How to choose appropriate curtains?

Fabrics with neutral shades should be used for curtains as they do not distract from the interiors. Sheer curtains can be paired with drapes or layered drapes or one can make use of blinds in sheer materials for getting that elegant look.

Neutral fabric and pleats in the curtains pair to make eye catching décor. One can also go for a half and half curtain, where the top half is neutral, and the bottom half is in prints.

What kind of chimneys are more useful – ductable or traditional?

t is advisable to use ductable chimneys since they have low maintenance costs. Ductable chimneys are fitted with a duct which removes smoke and dust particles away while cooking. However, the duct needs space and should be installed properly for optimal functioning of the chimney. Ductless chimneys, though low on maintenance and easy to install, uses charcoal filters to remove smoke particles that need to be cleaned regularly.

If you have any questions relating to residential or workplace interior décor, feel free to get in touch with Swami Interiors. We shall be happy to help!

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