Explained How to Organize Your Kitchen

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Explained How to Organize Your Kitchen

In every household, kitchen is of significant importance. Each kitchen is designed to suit the requirements of the lady of the house, however, while designing the kitchen, one should not forget that the kitchen should be designed using the five-zone methodology. Swami Interior Designing brings to you the golden rule that should be followed while getting the kitchen designed and the golden rule is to designate the kitchen zones according to the chores. This blog deals with the five key zones, and the perfect placement for each zone.

Classification zones

#1 Because you cant invest as much time

The food storage zone, as the name itself suggests, is explicitly used for the food storage. It is a perfect place for placing the refrigerator along with the cabinets used for storing food items like vegetables, fruits, rice, flour, etc.. Swami one of the best residnetial interior designers in Mumbai recommends a built-in vertical cabinet that takes care of storing such products. If there is still space available, one can construct a shelf for placement of the microwave oven thus freeing up valued countertop space.

The ideal location for the food storage zone is at either end of the kitchen.


#2: Regular storage

The regular storage zone should be used for storing items that are required for cooking like pots and pans, cutlery, utensils, knives, etc. The objective of storing all cooking items at one place is to make cooking easier and eliminates the need for searching for items while cooking. The regular storage zone should be in the middle of cooking zone and the food storage zone.

#3 Cooking zone

Kitchen is a place where the cooking is done, hence, this particular zone is earmarked for cooking only. One should avoid using this zone for cutting, chopping and other similar activities. In this particular zone, the gas stove, oven and chimney should be placed. In-case there is space available, one can install under-counter cabinets that can be used for storing utensils.

Cooking zone should be in the center of the kitchen, right next to the regular storage zone.

#4 Prepping zone

The fourth zone is the prepping zone and the area towards the right of the cooking zone should be used as the prepping zone. This zone is specifically used for prepping food like cutting, chopping, mincing, etc. The prepping and storage zones verge the cooking zone from either side thus creating a conventional efficiency line. Items like chopping board, knives, spices shelves, mixers and food processors can be placed in the prepping zone.

It is recommended that the prepping zone should be right next to the cooking zone.

#5 Cleaning zone

A clean and tidy kitchen reflects the capability of its residents, especially the lady of the house. It is recommended to position the cleaning zone towards the far end of the kitchen so as to make sure that the dirty dishes are out sight and the kitchen is clean, tidy and hygienic. It also provides one with enough space for drying the utensils till the time they are dry and can be put away. Finally, putting this zone as recommended ensures that the much-coveted golden triangle is formed. One can also place the refrigerator, stove and sink in a triangle for gaining maximum efficiency.

The cleaning zone should always be on the opposite point of the food storage zone, at the end of the line-up.


So, if you are looking to get your kitchen re-designed, you now know that defining spaces according to chores is the key to a unified workspace!

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