Five Greatest Benefits of Smart Home Automation

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Five Greatest Benefits of Smart Home Automation

We know that from past few years, the IT industries have been developed so fast as compare to other industries. It has make our lives more easier than it was. Failing to make optimum use of smartphones to their full potential is a grave mistake as smart phones can now be used to make smart homes. By utilizing the right technology and the right guideline one can make his or her home a digital one with the help of smartphones. Take advantage of technology and build a smart home. A smart home can enable you to perform all functions remotely. You will be shocked and surprised to discover hoe technology can change a simple house to a smart home.

Swami proffesional interior designers in Mumbai brings to you a complete guide to assist you in building a smart home.

#1 Platform interconnectivity

Imagine a house where you can switch on or off all our lightings, television, etc. with the help of your smart phone. Linking all such devices can save time and money and make your home tech savvy. All features linked together can be easily assessed through a smart phone, thus enabling you to perform all functions of a house anytime and anywhere. Platform interconnectivity empowers one to adjust thermostat, analyze CCTV footage, turn on the lights or switch them off, turn on the air conditioner and much more by pressing few buttons of your smartphone.

Remote monitoring

Digital home is advantageous if constructed in the right manner and enables one to keep an eye on the household activities either from your office or any other place using a smartphone, desktop, or a tablet. One can even monitor things like CCTV footage and room temperatures, detect sounds and carbon monoxide levels.

User customization

Platform interconnectivity also has big user customization, an added advantage of smart home technology and can match almost all user preferences using variable sliders and customization tools. For example, a smart thermostat can change the temperature based on local weather conditions. Similarly, smart sprinkler systems can be programmed to differentiate various property zones. One can modify the functioning of sprinklers based on the weather conditions thus ensuring adequate watering for all plants.


#2: Safety and security

Digital technology ensures complete safety of your home. Various smart home devices like CCTV and security alarms assist in keeping the house safe by providing a easy-to-access security cover. Security alarms, CCTVs, Wi-Fi enabled door locks, motion sensors and video doorbells are some of the security gadgets that assist in maintaining complete safety of your property. Let us look at all such devices one-by-one


CCTVs are a successful security device for home security. CCTVs can be easily installed and operated using a smartphone. Brands like Arlo Pro Weatherproofed Security Camera System assist you to monitor the property from all locations and at all times.

Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems is another great and cost-effective device for home security. Brands like Skylink offer free installation thus providing you with flexibility of relocating as per your requirements. CCTVs can be installed with various other communication systems that make them hack resistant. They are available in various versions like glass-break sensors and local sound and light alarms.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are being used as advanced passive infrared (PIR) system that has become the industry standard for motion detection. Indoor motion sensors are usually used for motion-activated lighting and is a great security feature and also saves on your electricity bill. Outdoor sensors are used in concurrence with security camera systems.

Smart Lighting, Smart Security, Smart Thermostats

While connecting the sensors to a light, one must ensure to stay on top of sensitivity levels so as not to keep your property lighted during all hours. An ideal system is one that is weatherproofed and includes cross-zoning to avoid false-positive activation.

Wi-Fi Enabled Door Locks

Smart door locks are a vital constituent of smart home security system, that adds a multifaceted security level allowing keyless entry. Use of various communication systems like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave, smart locks can easily communicate and can be easily controlled using platform apps like Wink.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are another effective means that alerts you when someone is at the door. One gets an automatic alert on his or her smartphone or computer, along with a live stream video. One can even communicate with the visitor with two-way audio from anywhere. Few progressive smart home security cameras come with two-way audio features; however, its functionality doesn’t match with that of Ring.

#3 Energy efficiency

Though a smart home usually focusses on safety and compatibility, it also results in huge savings as it makes your appliances to work with less energy. Whether it’s LED light bulbs that replace low-efficiency incandescent bulbs, or induction cook-top stoves that are smart enough to heat only when a metal pan is placed on top of it, saving money using smart tech has never been easier. Other that electricity, smart homes also assist in less water usage. Smart sprinkler systems, pool pumps, and new faucet technology are just a few of the ways to save water with smart home technology.

#4 Savings

Smart homes help save money. Massive control elements like timers and usage monitors have transformed the manner energy is used for various devices. Intelligent occupation detectors ensure that such devices are only active when users are present.

You can save money with products like a smart thermostat that can control and program the temperature of your home room-by-room. There are even smart toilets like the Toto Washlet that use a fraction of the water per flush while not compromising on power. With products like these, saving money has never been easier and has become one of the main benefits of a smart home.

Use of smart devices has eliminated the need to heat or cool unoccupied rooms. Lights and air conditioners are automatically switched off when the occupants leave the room.

#5 The future

Its time for you to switch over to a smart home as a smart home offers a bucket full of benefits. Swami one of the top 10 Interiors Designers in Mumbai urge you to make optimum use of technology and turn your present home to a smart home. A one-time investments that can easily be recovered through reduced utility bills.

Smart home developments are trending as smart technology is accompanied with DIY platform interconnectivity combined with real-time monitoring and analytics that provide the users with info about their homes and the ability to program and control functions that we had never ever dreamt about. Astonishing developments in safety, security, and energy efficiency have cut down usage and has resulted in saving money in the process.

The conclusion

Make full use of technology and innovation to reap benefits like energy efficiency, safety, and utility cost, by switching a standard home to a smart home fully equipped with smart technology and appliances. Remember, it is one-time investment that reaps benefits for many years and offers long-term value of your home.

Get in touch with Swami Interiors for more information on the advantages that a smart home offers.

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