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How to Hire Right Interior Designer. What to Know

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Selecting the right interior designer to redesign your house, either fully or partially is a tough job. Since a house is a part of one’s self being, the client wants the whole thing to be picture-perfect. As one needs to make an investment and shall be spending a major part of his time in the redesigned house, everything needs to be perfect and flawless. Hence, an residential interior designer in Mumbai should be chosen with utmost care. This article assists you in choosing the perfect interior designer to redesign the house of your dreams and to do so, one must adhere to the following steps:

#1 Identifying Style

The very first step involves identifying your style. One needs to research to see which style suits best to his lifestyle. Identifying style that suits you best makes one feel more comfortable. After all its your space and you know best what you want or what you expect from the place. So, browse a few websites to chalk out details of your needs. Identifying style helps in getting the right designer hired for doing the job as interior designers have their own styles for designing, however, a good interior designer can easily adapt as per client preferences.

#2 Search few portfolios

Once the style has been identified, next comes looking at the portfolios of designers that match your style. This shall give you an idea as to what to expect and you can imagine what the finished product will look like and whether it shall meet your requirements or not.

#3 Setting out the budget

Budget plays a vital role when one plans to get their house redesigned. Hence you need to plan how much you expect to spend on redesigning so that the designer can chalk out a blueprint that matches your requirements and suits your pocket too.

#4 Meeting the interior designers

Once the designers have been identified, it’s time to schedule a meeting with the chosen few. Consultations are usually free; however, it would be better to check this out on the phone before actually going for the meeting.

#5 Seek answers to all your queries

During the meeting session, make sure to seek clarification for all your queries including a few referrals whom you can contact to inquire about the qualifications and experience of interior designer, quality of work, the services interior designer shall provide, costs, and any other query you can think about. It is good to seek clarification before the actual start of the project.

#6 Be open to suggestions

Since an interior designer is an experienced professional, it is but obvious that he or she knows more about designing than their clients and can offer useful tips and suggestions regarding the redesigning. Hence, we suggest that the client should have an open mind towards such suggestions and should adapt to the same if they find it useful. Being stubborn and insisting on your own ideas may prove harmful in the long run. However, you need to ensure that the designer is not forcing you into just because it’s simple and more comfortable that way.

#7 Comparing notes

After meeting the designers on your list, it is advisable to compare the estimates given and make a list of things being offered. However, one should not forget that the cheaper option may not be the best choice. The top 10 best interior designers in Mumbai offer great solutions for your existing space.

#8 Signing the contract

After the designer has been finalized, one must sign a contract before the start of the project. Make sure that the contract contains all information about the work that needs to be carried on, designer’s obligations, the services that the designer has agreed to perform, duration of the project. the cost and all the important aspects.

#9 Planning

Now that everything has been taken care of and work is about to start, you need to plan regarding where to start from, what material shall be required, etc. Take time out to accompany your designer to select the material and other items. Decide what all furniture you would like to keep and what needs to be discarded along with several other details.

#10 Supervise

Take time out from your busy schedule to supervise the redesigning of your house to make sure that the work is being carried out as per your expectations, all material being used is as per your choice etc.

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