How to Decorate Small Living Room in Six Simple Ways

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How to Decorate Small Living Room in Six Simple Ways

Compact spaces offer lot of creative potential thus generating smart ideas regarding how to make optimum use of available space. Compact living spaces can also be tastefully designed making the place useful and comfortable, not cluttered. Swami Interiors, the one of the top 10 interior designers in Mumbai bring to you few of their tried and tested techniques for designing a compact living space making it look spacious and clutter free.

#1 Choose the appropriately sized furniture

Designing compact living spaces allows you to be imaginative with space and illusion. Too-small or too-large furniture can turn decor to disaster. Hence, furniture should be carefully chosen in tune with the available space. When all features are of perfect size, everything added to the combination pulls up the space together.

#2 Decor elements

Compact living space decor doesn’t need to be minimalistic. Go for layering minimalist decor items to create dimensions. Nested coffee tables, rugs, and throw pillows are few layer-friendly alternatives that do not create a visual clutter.


#3 Using lighting fixtures as decor

Floor space is precious in compact living spaces. Do not clutter with lamps and fixtures. Instead, use pendant lights that don’t take up any floor space. Pick a design that is functional and can be used as a wall décor too when the lights go off.

#4 Knick-knacks

Create a personal touch with planters and wall paintings

Selecting unique décor items add up to the style and defines the charisma of the space. If you have a collection of knick-knacks, display the same on rotational basis so as to get a fresh look every few days.

#5 Experiment with metallic finishes

A metal partition in the compact living space can add an ethnic look to the place. Try using metallic finishes for coffee table legs, or for other décor items in the rooms. Metal, being a good reflector of light bounces across the space making it look spacious and adds to the grandeur.

#6 Flooring for compact living spaces

Try keeping the floor bare. Cluttered flooring makes the space look heavy and confined. Choose furniture with lean legs and shapes. Try moving showpieces towards the wall to keep floors clutter free. Always consult professional residential interior designers in Mumbai for interior of your house.

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