How to Hire Right Interior Designer What to Know

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How to Hire Right Interior Designer What to Know

Planning to redesign your office or home? Looking for a good interior designer, however, confused about where to start from? Hiring the right interior designers who can design your office or home, according to your requirements is a tough task. One needs to devote time in searching, screening and understanding the interior designer hiring process. Choosing the right residential interior designer in mumbai is not easy as there are too many interior designing professionals, all of whom are qualified professionals and whom to hire is a tough decision.

Since interior designing required considerable investment and cannot be done frequently, one needs to be cautious in choosing the right designer for the job. So, selecting a designer who understands the objectives, and can implement the interior designing venture as per your budget. After all, everyone wants the best returns on the amount invested.

A house or a workplace reflects the personality, status and taste of those living there. A nicely designed house or workplace is considered as a status symbol in the society. So it becomes very important that the interior designing plans should be clearly discussed so that the designer is well aware of your requirements and expectations.

The right designer should have a subtle approach towards the work and should be experienced enough to handle the job professionally.

#1 Hiring interior designer for discussion or implementation

The process starts from planning. One should execute a plan on the work needs to be performed. It is advisable to make a note of everything that is expected from the redesigning before you start your search for a good interior designer.

An interior designer can either be hired for consultation and supervision of the project else one can hire them for the complete project right from planning to implementation (turnkey project basis). When a designer is hired on turnkey basis, they take care of everything like planning, procuring material and complete implementation of the project. You need to decide first whether you wish to hire the designer only for consultation and supervision or want the designer to fully execute the project.

#2 Selecting the interior designer

Once the decision regarding the role of designer has been made, then comes the selection process. One needs to search for a designer whose style matches his own, has worked on projects that suit client’s taste and needs and suits the budget. One also needs to make sure to make it known to the designer regarding the role that the client needs to paly during the redesigning, that is, whether the client needs to be consulted for each and every detail, or wants daily reports regarding the progress of the redesigning project.

In case you are a design-savvy individual who can skip details and needs assistance only with color, space planning and recourses, then this should be disclosed to the designer. At times, clients wish to handpick products being used during the designing process. This should also be disclosed to the designer before the start of the project.

You should search online or ask your friend who have recently performed an interior work at his/her home about the possible costs of renovating work or the kind of project you are looking forward to which will later help you to negotiate with the designer.

#3 Defining the scope of the interior design project

The scope 0f the interior design project varies according to client requirements. The first step involves determining the kind of project one is dealing with, for example, whether the project relates to redecorating a single room, a major structural change or redesigning the entire house or workplace. If the project relates to a single room, this can be easily done with the assistance of color consultant who can work with the existing furnishings and help in restoring the luster of the walls with color or fabric selection. The services of a full-time interior designer are not required in such scenario.

The services of an interior designer are required when one is looking for major renovation, building a new house or adding a new wing. Under such circumstances, architects and designers work together to maintain the aesthetics of the structure and in enhancing the interior furnishing and finishes. Your architect can also recommend a good interior designer as most of the time, these two work together.

#4 Check interior designer’s expertise before agreement

It is important to ensure that the interior designer selected is qualified and has relevant experience to take care of your interior designing project. A good and proficient interior designer should be well trained in:

  • Knowledgeable about AutoCAD and 3-D modeling
  • Color consultation for interior and exterior wall
  • Different take on lighting
  • False ceiling design and concepts

#5 Time to schedule a meeting with interior designers

Now comes the time to schedule a meeting with the best interior designers in Mumbai and discuss about their expertise and your expectations, budget and duration. Few points that need to be discussed during such meetings:

  • Integrity: Ask the designer about his/her qualifications and experience in interior designing, their team members qualifications and experience.
  • Budget: Clearly mention the budget that you have in mind for interior deigning and ask them whether your expectations can be fulfilled in the specified budget. Ask them to provide you with a working budget.
  • Scope of work: Ask questions about their previous projects to see whether they match your requirements.
  • Duration of work: Ask them about the duration for which the project shall last.
  • Hidden Costs: Discuss about hidden costs that the designer my charge before the final handover.
  • Visual representation: Ask the designers to provide you with a blueprint of the project so as to give you an insight of the work
  • Ask for References: Ask them if they have got testimonials for their past works, or any letter of appreciation in this regard.
  • Written contract: Get a written contract signed clearly mentioning the scope of work, fee and other terms and conditions.

Interior designing is expensive ( How much does interior designer charge in India ) and is usually a onetime affair. Know how to Selecting the right interior designer can be a time-consuming task, however, I is worth the effort as the time and money invested shapes the house or workplace of your dreams. Get your free consulation today from Swami Interior Design


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