How to Make A Small Bathroom look luxurious

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10 Interior Design Tips to Make A Small Bathroom look luxurious

This blog specifically focusses on small bathrooms. Though there are numerous articles on making a bathroom look artistic, in all different scenarios. Small bathrooms can be artistically designed if properly planned and designed using the right techniques by residential interior designers. Swami Interior designer, one of the best interior designers in Mumbai brings to you few tricks and tips for designing a perfect bathroom in a limited space.

Swami Interiors provides with few amazing concepts to assist you in designing a bathroom that is elegant, ventilated, and provides a spacious look.

#1: Placement of the sink in the corner

When the space is limited, one should ensure to make use of every corner so as to get everything fitted in the available space. If one runs out of space, getting a pedestal sink installed can upset the entire layout. Installing a corner sink near the toilet is a better option than getting it installed across the shower.

#2 A shower curtain or a sliding door

The use of a door moving in and out can upset the whole space. Hence, the use of a sliding door or shower curtain is recommended for creating partitions.


#3 Floating vanity

Placing the vanity above the floor level releases space and gives the bathroom a spacious look.

#4 A Circular vanity

When one has limited space, sharp corners can be dangerous. Hence, circular vanity is recommended for installation in the bathroom. A circular vanity will surely be an eye-catching factor in the bathroom.

#5 Using big patterns

Big pattern tiles are recommended for a small bathroom as it tricks the eyes in visualizing stretched space. Though the area shall be the same, it shall make the bathroom look bigger.

#6 Designing using mirrors

Mirrors are a substantial decor article, and in compact spaces, a mirror placed across the wall makes it look large and elegant.

#7 Use a glass panel

The use of a glass panel instead of a glass shower door is highly recommended as it prevents splashing of water around the bathroom.

#8 Use a decorative mirror

A decorative mirror can be game-changing as it shall provide an uplift to the small space and shall make the place look elegant and luxurious.

#9 Installing a trough Sink

Installing a trough sink is highly recommended for a clean and sleek solution, If the trough-sink is wall-mounted, it results in freeing up space below.

#10 Wall-Mounted faucet

Mounting a faucet on the wall shall give you the choice for a narrow sink, resulting in freeing the counter space. Various wall mounting faucet designs are available in the market. Choose one that suits your bathroom decor.

For more information regarding, color palette, texture, and architecture, get in touch with our home interior designers. Our skilled professionals will assist you in designing your dream home.

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