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How to Pick Colors for Prosperity & Shades to Avoid

Vastu says that a house is distributed into several directions and sub-directions – and each direction and sub-direction has a color that performs best. Though, it is not possible to follow all recommendations unless one wants a house speckled with different shades. Swami Interiors brings to you a complete guide of room colors as laid down by Vastu. This blog by swami best interior designers in Mumbai brings to you the colors that are most suited for each room, and colors that should be avoided!

Light shades augment the flow of positive vigor; hence it is advisable to use light shades for the living room. What colors should one use in the living room

According to Vastu, the colors that suit best for a living room are tranquil white, cheery yellow, therapeutic green or calming blue. Vastu shastra guidelines for home disclose that a fawn-colored living room can make you feel peaceful and stress-free. Even tanned shades are also a great selection!

What colors should one avoid in the living room?

As the living room is the primary foretaste guests get when they enter the house, Vastu shastra advises that dark shades should not be used for the living room. Use lighter shades for your living room and experience the favorable vibes all around the space!

What colors are best for the dining room as per Vastu?

Dining room is the place where the entire family meets for meals, Vastu experts advise using warm colors like lighter shades of pink or orange. One can also use calming shades of green and blue that aid in making the family bond stronger.

What colors should one avoid in the dining area?

Professionals advise not to use white or black color schemes for your dining areas as such shades invite unfavorable energies into the space and family.


Colors for the Kitchen

Colors that represent fire should be used for the kitchen

What are the favored colors for the kitchen as per Vastu?

The supremacy of Agni should be adorned with colors that are a mark of respect for the lord of fire. The best suited shades are shades of orange, saffron, yellow, or red. Vastu Specialists propose that kitchens to have a allusion of red a dinner set with a tinge of red is great for expressing the same!

The supremacy of Agni should be adorned with colors that are a mark of respect for the lord of fire. The best suited shades are shades of orange, saffron, yellow, or red. Vastu Specialists propose that kitchens to have a allusion of red a dinner set with a tinge of red is great for expressing the same!

What colors should one avoid?

The color used for the kitchen, as per Vastu should not be too dark and gloomy. As one cooks, allow the food to absorb positivity from bright and cheery colors! Do not use shades like brown, dark grey and black. One should also avoid blue for the kitchen as blue signifies Varuna, the god of water, whereas the kitchen must pay homage to the god of fire!

Colors for the Pooja Room

Serene shades should be used in the pooja room

Pooja room shades should comprise of white, depicting purity, calmness and peace and is a preferred selection for the pooja room. Vastu shastra recommends white as a perfect shade for the place, it is best suited for the place of worship. Yellow can also be considered as it harnesses positive vibes. Shades like light green and light blue help in making the pooja room more serene and reinforces faith in life.

What colors should one avoid for blessed space?

According to Vastu experts, using shades of red should be avoided as red signifies anger and can have undesirable effects. Dark colors should also be avoided.

Colors for the Master Bedroom

Vastu recommends using orange, the color of ambition, wisely in the master bedroom

What shades should one use for Master Bedroom?

Vastu shastra suggests a wide range of colors for the master bedroom. For the newly married couples, light pink or red is recommended as per Vastu. The deep heartfelt and calming nature of these colors intensifies the bond between husband and wife assists in keeping conflicts at bay. If one is in need for a comforting space, lighter shades of green or blue are the best. Earthy shades are also considered as a good choice as they induce stability.

What colors should be avoided for the Master Bedroom?

According to Vastu shastra, all shades of red should be avoided if the residents are short tempered. Sizzling orange can assist professionals in reaching their goals. However, in case one suffers from sharp temper this color along with shades of red should be avoided!

Colors for the Kids’ Bedroom

Dark blue is certainly a NO for your kids’ bedroom

What colors are suitable?

Vastu shastra recommends to choose the colors of kids’ room with utmost care. During the formative years, comforting colors that support creativity are best suited. Shades like yellow or light green are advisable as such colors help in concentrating.

What colors need to be avoided?

Do not use shades of red in case your child is short tempered. Shades like light blue offer a comforting atmosphere Avoid dark blue as it can result in health issues for the kids!

Colors for the Washroom

Washrooms should always be painted in light colors

What colors are best suited for the washroom?

Vastu experts recommend that light shades like lemon, white, beige, light brown and cream should be used for the washrooms as they add positivity to the space. Light green is known for its curative quality to the washroom. Shades of blue are also suitable for the washrooms!

Why should dark colors be avoided?

Washroom is usually a small space, hence, use of dark colors can make the space look smaller. Moreover, darker shades are a source of negative energy! Choose the colors for your rooms as per Vastu for positive vibes and comfort. Plan the color of your rooms as per the above Tips!

We have compiled these Vastu tips for your home. Swami residential interior designers in Mumbai offers free consultation for your home interior projects combining vastu best practices.


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