Interior Design Of Hall In Indian Style

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Interior Design Of Hall In Indian Style

Ethnic Interior designing is something that is imagined by designers who are forever searching for the ideas to enhance the significance of the place they reside in. The inspirations come from new products that come in the market and by thinking out of the box. Professional designers rely upon the fundamental principles and methodology to churn out eye catching designs every time without stumbling with the symmetrical and operational part. Designers are qualified to generate value according to the client’s likes and preferences and work to entrench the traditional marks so as to create generic character that defines the space.

Indian interior designing is a slot that uses themes depicting consonances of cultural value. The prominent residential interior designer in Mumbai brings to you few tips for designing a hall in ethnic Indian style.

Use of carpets and rugs

Using carpets that are handmade provide a plush and rich feel to the interiors of the hall. India is a leading manufacturer of handmade carpets. Select a handmade carpet or rug and enhance the beauty of your hall.

Pottery and vases

India is a house to various pottery styles and vases that are available in vibrant colors. Ceramics and terracotta are the preferred choice as these provide a warm feel to the interiors. Designers advise to purchase such pieces for decorating your hall interiors in an ethnic style.


Cabinets engraved with customary art images

Placing a Sheesham or teak wooden cabinet in the hall and placing images of ethnic woodcraft, & metalwork enhances the beauty of the hall.

Colored glass panes

Indian homes have used colored glass panes for decoration since eternity. Glass panes in rich shades of crimsons, orange, green and blues add liveliness to the interiors

Color contrasts

Indian homes have been exhibited by brusque color contrasts, as per top residential interior designer in Mumbai. Create color contrasts by combining upholstery, wood furniture, linen, and wall paints.

All of the above conceptions provide an Indian touch to residential interiors. One can always modify the above tips to suit their own style!