Kitchen Vastu Tips For Location, Direction and Colors

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Kitchen Vastu Tips For Location, Direction and Colors

According to Vastu, kitchen is a very important place as it is a source of food and water, necessary for the good health of its residents. Kitchen also signifies the god of fire as fire is used for cooking purposes. Henceforth, following Vastu tips during the construction of the kitchen is very important as it balances the vibrations and energies and is a source of motivation.

Vastu tips for kitchen

Getting the kitchen constructed as per Vastu can assist in deriving many benefits like the maintaining the good health of the family members, prosperity across the house, etc.. Vastu tips assist the residents by making them confident and motivated for pursuing several aspects in life. Swami Interiors lists few Vastu tips for kitchen that may prove beneficial:

The kitchen should be constructed in the southeast direction as per Vastu as southeast is allied with the Lord of fire. In case the kitchen cannot be constructed in the southeast, then the next suitable direction is the northwest. It’s advised that one should face the eastern side of the kitchen while cooking as it provides a lot of positive energy for the cook. The sink along with drainage pipes should be placed in the north or northeast direction. However, the overhead tank should be outside the kitchen in the western part of the house.

According to vastu shastra, there should be a appropriate equilibrium between the elements of fire and water. Henceforth, one should place cooking gas and sink, parallel to each other as it can cause problems between the relationships of the family members. For eradicating problems, the refrigerator is placed in the southwest direction as it helps in maintaining tranquility in the kitchen. The food items should also +be stored in the southwest direction as it brings in good fortune and wealth.

Also note that the windows of the kitchen should either face north, east or northeast direction. Electrical gadgets like microwave, mixer, etc. should be placed in the southeast or south side of the kitchen.


The kitchen walls should be colored either in red, orange or yellow

For sound health and good digestion, the dining table should be placed in the northwest corner of the kitchen. Marble, ceramic tiles or mosaic should be used for the flooring of the kitchen as it makes the kitchen look more clean. Also note that the door of the washroom should not be opposite to the kitchen door as it may cause negative vibes.

The exhaust should be installed in the east direction, whereas the clock should be placed on the south or southwest wall, as per Vastu.

Vastu don’ts for the kitchen

Following vital points need to be avoided while constructing the kitchen according to Vastu Shastra:

Swami residential interior designers in Mumbai has compiled these Vastu tips so that you can design your kitchen accordingly and reap the benefits of right placement, color and positive vibes. For any further queries regarding kitchen related Vastu, contact our best interior designs in Mumbai who shall instruct you for deriving the best out of your kitchen space.

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