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Vastu Shastra

Ancient architectural science that helps in generating positive vibes that flow over a particularspace thus bringing in positive energy. Our interior designers make use of the sacred holistic science relating to building of houses and designing thus ensuring the flow of positive vibes essential for good health and prosperity.

Vastu Tips For Bathroom and Toilet

Reading Time : 4 minutes, 7 seconds

Vastu is a science that helps during the construction of a house or building in a manner that proves beneficial in many ways. vastu applies o the entire house, be it bedroom, living room and even....

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vastu Tips For Bedroom

Reading Time : 2 minutes, 36 seconds

Vastu shastra for bedroom advices that male members of the family should have their bedrooms either in West or Northwest corners of a home as they have powerful and convincing militaries....

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Vastu Tips For Dining Room

Reading Time : 3 minutes, 19 seconds

Food is considered as God (Anna Devta) in the Hindu mythology. Food is worshipped as it gives us energy to tackle daily tasks. Therefore, it is important to serve the food in the right direction as.....

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vastu Tips for Living Room

Reading Time : 3 minutes, 12 seconds

Vastu Shastra plays an important role in determining the strategy and structure of a certain location for achieving maximum gains. vastu is also known as an art form. vastu Shastra is a blend of art....

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How to Pick Colors for Prosperity & Shades to Avoid

Reading Time : 4 minutes, 41 seconds

vastu says that a house is distributed into several directions and sub-directions – and each direction and sub-direction has a color that performs best. Though, it is not possible to follow all....

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Study Room vastu Tips

Reading Time : 3 minutes, 15 seconds

Studies require considerable efforts and concentration for performing well. Hard work is the essence for good results, however key elements like the vibes in the room, study table direction and placing....

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Staircase vastu Tips For Home

Reading Time : 2 minutes, 28 seconds

For connecting different areas of the house various strategies are used and constructing staircases is one of them. Both mathematics and science are essential for constructing any element. So, vastu....

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Role of vastu Shastra in Conquering The Peace of Mind

Reading Time : 1 minutes, 59 seconds

Conquering the brain is acknowledged to be the greatest wrestle to be won in the bygone times of mankind. Even Arjuna objected to Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita that he finds it challenging to attain....

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Puja Room vastu Tips

Reading Time : 3 minutes, 4 seconds

The puja room is considered as the most essential room as compared to other rooms of the home as it has vital role in one’s life as it is said that the peace and the positive vibes of the house are....

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Vastu Tips For Interior Design

Reading Time : 2 minutes, 42 seconds

Everyone dreams of a well decorated house and if the house interiors are done as per vastu shastra, it depicts a good understanding for diverse zones. These zones transmit positive and negative vibes....

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Kitchen vastu Tips For Location, Direction and Colors

Reading Time : 2 minutes, 57 seconds

According to vastu, kitchen is a very important place as it is a source of food and water, necessary for the good health of its residents. Kitchen also signifies the god of fire as fire is used for....

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A Complete vastu Guide for your Home

Reading Time : 7 minutes, 26 seconds

vastu-shastra experts acknowledge that if a home is built without accommodating the vastu household guidelines, it is an omen to the composed as well as the occupant. Disrespect to global....

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