Seven Common Mistakes Related to Interior Designing

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Seven Common Mistakes Related to Interior Designing

Engaging an residential interior designe in Mumbair for designing your dream home is not mandatory. One might not be a professional designer, however, individual tastes, styles and an artistic mind can play a vital role in designing the interiors of your home. However, one needs to make sure to avoid the common mistakes that one tends to make which can spoil the entire makeover. The best interior designers in Mumbai show you how to plan a well-designed look to the house of your dreams.


Measurement is one the most common mistake that people make while designing the interiors of their house. It is advisable to avoid cluttering by putting up too many things around. Carefully place the furniture and other items using the measurements so that the spacing looks big. Also, avoid putting large objects as it makes a room look small and cluttered. An ideal arrangement would be to use a blend of different shapes, sizes and heights. Therefore, one needs to work upon the proportion and measurement for a well-designed room.

Shopping and budget

The shopping list should be well planned Avoid buying everything that you feel looks beautiful, instead buy stuff that is useful. So, plan your shopping as per your budget and select stuff that not only looks good but is useful too. Plan the size of the furniture size according to the available space and make your purchases accordingly.


Painting, furnishings and upholstery

CPeople tend to get the walls painted without thinking about the furnishings and upholstery. It is advisable to select the fabrics, curtains and rugs before you start with the paint so as to match the color of your furnishings and upholstery with that of the walls for a better and more refined look.

Ask for help

At times, seeking help from family and friends for few interesting interior designing tips might give your house of dreams a look that you have been yearning for. Mix and match of ideas from family and friends can provide valuable assistance during the interior designing phase. Experiment with imaginative ideas for a novel look that matches your taste and style.

Concentrating on the focal point

Failure to concentrate on the focal point can affect the overall appearance and can turn the whole thing into a disaster. Every room has a focal point where the eyes rest. It also assists in improving the functionality of the room. Finding a focal point for a large room is easier compared to smaller ones, however it is important to locate the focal point and place adequate furnishings around it.

Hanging paintings and pictures

One should be careful not to hang paintings or pictures either too high or too low. Also, one needs to make sure that the wall doesn’t give a cluttered look. Remember that the height of the paintings and pictures affects the appearance of the wall, by making it look taller or shorter.

Reflect your personality

A home is a reflection of its owner’s personality. Simple walls, wooden furniture along with a single painting may give a contemporary look, but shall make the house look boring and plain. Integrate ideas from your lifestyle while planning the interior designing of your home. Feel free to experiment with innovative ideas, however, don't overdo anything. Swami interior design experts address common interior design concerns for you.


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