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Study Room vastu Tips

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Studies require considerable efforts and concentration for performing well. Hard work is the essence for good results, however key elements like the vibes in the room, study table direction and placing of bookshelf are decisive factors for good results. Study room vastu tips helps students to concentrate more and certain other factors that help attain set goals. Choosing right colors and correct placement of furniture eases mental pressure and assists in reaping certain benefits

While hard work is the key to success, certain factors like poor performance, difficult in memorizing, affect studies if vastu for the study room is inappropriate.

Study Room vastu Tips

There are several aspects that are taken into consideration while constructing the study room according to vastu guidelines. Few of the key factors are:

Also keep in mind that the room is not dark and is lighted properly and one should not face the blank wall or a window while studying.

Having a bathroom in the study room is okay but evade putting a toilet in the room.

Moreover, in the southern or western direction of the study room one should place his or her bookshelf.

In accordance with vastu the study table of the room must be in square or rectangle shape to earn maximum gains.

Also, as concerned with the size of the study table, it should not be too large or too small, according to vastu guidelines the ratio between the length and width of the table should be 1:2.

It is preferable to put the picture of gods specifically of lord Ganesha and goddess Saraswati as it may bring positive vibes in the room.

To achieve glowing in terms of learning study material and increasing concentration, a pyramid can support in doing so. This may also lead in balancing the energy to profit virtuous results

If one wish to have a table lamp in the study then, it should be positioned in the southeast direction of the study table.

Also, if someone is in favour of putting a clock then it is advisable that to put a wall clock with a pendulum on the north wall of the study room.

According to the guidelines regarding the study room as mentioned in vastu it is advised that the big windows should be constructed on the eastern side and the small windows should be constructed on the western side of the room.

Referring to the colors of the room according to vastu the walls should not be painted with darker shades but with light colors as it improves the learning skill of an individual and helps them to understand the concept.


Things to be evaded in the study room.

Now, as you people are well aware of different guidelines that play a vital role in deciding the vastu for the study room. If you do have any more questions concerning the same, then our experts top 10 interior designers in Mumbai will be more happy to answer your questions!

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