Touch-to-Open Technology for flawless Kitchens

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Touch-to-Open Technology for flawless Kitchens

According to the data in India the average height of a woman is 5 ft and the average height of a man is 5.7 ft. Hence, the designers have to plan the architect accordingly so that every family’s members fits in the kitchen. How do they plan this? What happens when elderly parents come to the house? The answer of these questions is in this blog with modern kitchen cabinets.


Swami Interiors design top interior design firms in Mumbai recently designed a kitchen for one of their clients, who wanted to completely redo their kitchen which was easy to use and went along with the existing décor of their house. They also wanted the SERVO-DRIVE for Aventos wall cabinets by Blum® so as to make the cooking experience easy for their elderly mother for whom it was difficult to reach out to wall cabinets. Our designers got a customized plan chalked out that met the client requirements and designed a kitchen that delighted the clients.


The SERVO-DRIVE for Aventos

The servomechanism is a touch sensor amplifier and is battery-operated, that performs the work for you. With a little tap and touch of a button, the wall cabinets open and close effortlessly, making the mechanism effortless and silent.



Where can these be installed?

Professional designers can assist in designs where these cabinets can be easily installed into handle and handless base cabinets and drawers


Who can benefit the most from SERVO-DRIVE cabinets?

The modern kitchen cabinets are considered as the best friend of your kitchen. If you have elderly parents and want to store thing where they can reach easily, if you want to put your crockery at a safe place. This system will definitely help you. A low input will also work like a simple touch on the door will also work, the output will look like a high input. Consequently, closing the cabinet happens at the press of a button on the side. Moreover, these cabinets can be operated manually as well.


How do you get these cabinets for the kitchen & how expensive is it?

Blum’s high-tech kitchen cabinets are widely available in metropolitan cities and are marketed by Hafele India Pvt. Ltd. These cabinets are indeed a long-term investment and are practically safe, though they are available at a higher price range (₹20,000-25,000 approx.).

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