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vastu Tips For Dining Room

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Food is considered as God (Anna Devta) in the Hindu mythology. Food is worshipped as it gives us energy to tackle daily tasks. Therefore, it is important to serve the food in the right direction as per vastu so that we are blessed with good health and generate life-giving forces.

Dining room is where the food is served, and the entire family eats together. It has been rightly said that the family that eats together stays together, hence the dining room plays a vital role in the bonding of the entire family therefore making it very important to get the right vibes for health and happiness.

Various elements like the direction, shape, placement, size, proper seating arrangement, etc. should be considered while designing the Dining Room as per the vastu guidelines so as to acquire optimum gains, good luck and for peace and harmony.

vastu Tips for the Dining Room

Swami residential interior designers in Mumbai brings to you best suited vastu tips for the dining room so as to derive maximum benefits from the dining room. One must not forget that factors like direction, size and placement of furniture, etc. all contribute towards the positive vibes.


The Sitting Arrangement and Colors for the Dining Room

The head of the family should always be seated on the Eastside while the remaining family members should sit facing the East, North or West. Appropriate seating arrangements also enhances a balanced life!

A square or a rectangular dining table is recommended as such shapes provide ample space for the family to dine comfortably.

As per vastu, the walls of the dining room should be painted in yellow, saffron or lighter shades of green as such bright and soothing shades enhance serenity in the house and have a positive effect on one’s appetite.

Paintings depicting nature and landscapes generates a calm aura in the dining space.

The washbasin should always be placed either in the East or the North direction of the dining room, according to vastu experts.



Dining Room vastu: The Don’ts

Constructing the dining room as per vastu is of ample importance to gain optimum benefits. If the dining room is constructed as per the vastu guidelines, then success shall proliferate, and positive vibes shall spread all around the house, proving beneficial for the inhabitants.

But few things should be avoided to negate the bad effects of the place you live in. These are:.

The dining area is allied to nourishment and energy. Therefore, getting the dining area constructed as per vastu can prove beneficial for the inhabitants as a dining room constructed in accordance with vastu can result in good health, wealth and happiness! Schedule an appointment with our vastu Experts for more guidance!

We have compiled these Vastu tips for your home


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