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vastu Tips for Living Room

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vastu Shastra plays an important role in determining the strategy and structure of a certain location for achieving maximum gains. vastu is also known as an art form. vastu Shastra is a blend of art and science that helps in making your house peaceful and full of positive vibes. Here, in this article, we discuss the vastu concepts for a living room.

The living room is an imperative space where exchange of vibrations and energies occurs, not only between the family members, but with visitors also. Hence, the living room should be constructed in a manner where one can get optimum benefits and achieve good ambiances.

vastu Guide For the Living Room

According to vastu Shastra, many key features like placement, the direction of the room, placing of utilities, color combinations, accessories, etc. While designing the living room, the key elements that need to be considered are:

For a house facing the north or the south direction, the living room should be constructed in the northeast direction. If the house faces the west, then the living room should be constructed in the northwest direction, and for a house that faces the South, the living room should be in the southeast direction. As the main entrance of the house opens up in the living room, the entrance should also be given extreme importance. The direction of the main entrance door is of great significance, as discussed below:



Suggested vastu Tips For the Living Room

According to vastu, the walls of the living room should either be blue, green, white or yellow to get optimum benefits from the environments.

The head of family should be seated in the southwestern corner of the living room either facing east or northeast direction and the visitors should either sit in the southeast or northwest direction facing towards the west or south.

According to the vastu experts, electrical appliances like the air conditioner should be positioned in the north or the west side corner and the television should be positioned in the southeast corner. Similarly, the furniture of the living room should be square or rectangle shape and should be positioned in the west corner of the living room. For adding brightness to the living room and for positive vibes, one should hang paintings exhibiting the exquisiteness of nature and signs that will make you feel peaceful.

Use of artificial flowers in a living room are considered inauspicious. Using fresh flowers is recommended, however, one should make sure to take proper care of them as dry and withered flowers attract misfortune.

A Chandelier should not placed in the center of the room but should be placed either in the south or west direction of the living room. Also note that a water fountain placed in the north shall bring in lot of benefits and increase positive vibes. If the northeast area of the living room is left empty and is nicely maintained, shall bring in good fortune. This area can be decorated using plants.

Dark shades like red and black should never be used for the walls of the living room, telephone should not be placed in the southwest or northwest direction and one should avoid use of beam or girder along the ceiling as it creates stress for the residents.

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We have compiled these Vastu tips for your home


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