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Puja Room Vastu Tips

The puja room is considered as the most essential room as compared to other rooms of the home as it has vital role in one’s life as it is said that the peace and the positive vibes of the house are present in that particular room so it becomes more important to pay attention on that room.

According to vastu to have maximum profits from that particular room follow specific guidelines starting from the position of mandir and placing other objects in a right way. In deciding what is beneficial and what is not vastu-Shasta plays a very important role.

Following are the guidelines to keep in mind while building the puja room:

  • As advised by vastu experts it is preferable to construct the room in North, East, or Concerning temple direction for vastu, it is advised to build your puja room in the north, east or northeast side of the house.
  • Secondly, while you are worshipping the god make sure that you face towards East or North.
  • It does not effect if you are worshipping while standing or sitting but, make sure that your legs are at the same level as the level of your chest. Hence, construct the space in that manner
  • Before entering the room one needs to clean themselves properly by washing your hands and legs because this is the most essential room in the whole house and all the positive vibes are in this room.
  • If one wishes to have a statue or an idol is preferable to have that either in East or in West direction of the room.
  • Utilizing wood as a raw material for constructing your doors will be beneficial as it makes the worshipping environment peaceful and one’s mind calm.
  • Make sure that the wooden doors are constructed either in North or in East direction.
  • As concerned with the color of the walls it is preferable to use light colors as they are reflecting colors and hence make the room brighter.
  • While choosing the marbles for the room it is advised to choose white or light-yellow colored marble as it is a symbol of auspiciousness.
  • If one wishes to have a lamp in the room then it is preferable to place it in Southeast or in East direction.
  • It is preferable to have the roof of the puja room in the shape of pyramid as it is an indication of good and positive vibes.
  • Also, keep a regular check on the idols that they are clean
  • If you are planning to have an agnikund then it is advised to place it in Southeast direction of the room.


The following guidelines need to be eliminated while building the puja room to evade negative energy

  • In accordance with vastu, it is advised not to construct the room in South direction as it may harm the house with its negative energy
  • Never build the puja room in a bedroom, storeroom or on a wall adjacent to the bathroom as advised by vastu. This can behave as a bad omen for the house.
  • Try to avoid placing the idols in the South corner of the room.
  • Avoid putting the pictures of people who have expired.
  • Evade putting things which do not belong to the puja room.
  • Never keep valuable items or money in the puja room as it symbolizes inauspiciousness.
  • Avoid having a dustbin in the puja room as it wipes away all the positive vibrations.

Hence, it is very essential for you to follow the do’s and don’ts in order to make a peaceful environment and enjoy the benefits from that room. If you still have any kind of questions then you may approach to our guides, we will be happy to serve you.

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