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Residential Interior Design Services in Mumbai

A home is a place for relaxation and should be decorated in the best styles that make you comfortable and for creating the preferred residential interior design, one needs to hire interior designer company that has the required skills and experience in getting you the modernized designs that are in trend for your sweet home.

Swami Interior Design are one of the budget friendly residential interior designers and decorators in Mumbai Maharashtra India and its team of professional designers keep themselves updated on most innovative styles for residential interiors. The designers are well aware of the styles and themes for interior patterns change from time to time. Keeping in pace with the changing trends, the designer team at Swami Interior Design generate residential patterns of interiors for new style homes, attention to detail that make your residence look beautiful and catch attention of visitors. Swami Interior Design’s residential interior design services & turnkey project services gives a modern facelift to the house and makes it beautiful, attractive and comfortable.

Residential Interior Designer Services

Swami Interior Design especially emphasizes on kitchen layouts. Our affordable home interior design services assists you to modernize your residential space with most recent designs and features having all types of amenities that appeal to the eyes. Our designers inspect the kitchen space and suggest the finest suited modular kitchen patterns, promising 15 to 20% more space and that too, within the client’s budget. A kitchen equipped with modern amenities that give a new look and fits the budget too. The designers try to blend modern patterns with the best features that are in trend to increase its appeal. Come, fall in love with the designs that our designers create for you.

Every design choice we make has a sensual effect on us

Customized Residential Interior Design to match your taste

Home Interior Designer services at Swami Interior Design, creates designs that match individual tastes and come up with most suitable and elegant residential design patterns that befit your residence as individual choices differ from individual to individual. Our designers are able to conceptualize what a client actually wants to incorporate in residential designs. Our designers create a draft design, which can be easily altered, if a client wants to make changes and can generate alternatives as per client’s preference.

Hire the affordable Residential Interior Designer in Mumbai

The interior designers at Swami Interior Design are continuously always working on innovative designs for our customers thus generating creative designs along with state of art home interior design services that catch attention and produce more business opportunities. The home interior designers at Swami Interior Design are extremely creative and create the best interior patterns that will surely make a substantial change to your home’s appeal not only to you but also to the people who visit your place.

With an innovative approach, each design is unique and stylish and eye-catching that define a customer’s immaculate taste. So, hire Swami Interior design one of the affordable residential interior designers in Mumbai for your dream home interior design.

COMPETITIVE PRICING - Home Interior Designs Services

Swami Interior Design provides its clients with customized top interior designing of residential places at affordable prices. The designers assists customers with fabrics, the right paint, cushions, curtains, furniture that adds a class appeal.

Swami Interior Designer comprises of budegt friendly residential designers who are always working on innovative designs for our customers thus generating creative designs that catch attention and produce more business opportunities. The affordable residential interior designers at Swami Interior Design are extremely creative and create the best interior patterns that will surely make a substantial change to your home’s appeal not only to you but also to the people who visit your place.


Swami Interior Design offers innovative and unique residential interior designs that suit customer’s tastes and preferences. Choose us as:

  • Extensive experience in designing exclusive residential design patterns
  • Our aim - complete customer satisfaction
  • Affordable pricing
  • Customer’s involvement at every stage
  • Team of highly talented designers having necessary certifications for the job
  • Developing captivating residential designs for our customers


What areas does the interior designers specialize in?

Interior designers specialize in commercial interior designing and residential interior designing. Residential interior designers are indulged in designing homes and take care of landscaping services also, and commercial interior designers take care of designing retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.

What services does the interior designers offer?

Interior designers chalk out the plan as per the area that needs to be designed. They also provide an estimate of the total project cost, work in tune with the contractors and architects, and also act as project supervisors.

Is there a need to hire a professional interior designer?

Professional interior designers provide expert advice related to the optimum utility and functioning of available space. Hiring a professional interior designer saves cost, allows you to get the place renovated at a pre-decided budget and take care of all the material thus saving the individual from inferior quality material or defective fittings for seamless design and execution of the entire project

Distinguishing between Interior Design & Interior Decoration

Interior Design & Interior Decoration are two different professions.

Interior designing relates to planning so that the existing space can offer optimum utility and functionality in tune with the owner's tastes and lifestyle. The work of an interior designer is in close proximity with the architects to develop the space so as to offer maximum usage whereas Interior Decoration deals with furnishing the space with eye-catching décor items keeping in tune with its functionality. Interior decorators are mostly concerned with the furniture layout, furnishings, and wall decorations whereas Interior designers cater to creating a space that suits customer needs, tastes, and preferences.

How should one choose the perfect interior designer?

Customers are advised to do a little research before finalizing the right interior designers. Meet a few designers, check their credentials, visit the projects they have done previously and finalize the one who best suits your requirements and budget.

What all things does an interior designer takes acre of?

Planning and making drawings of the space that needs to be designed

Methodical development of existing space, lights

Preparing a list of material and items required for the job

Drafting an estimated cost

Coordinating with contractors, architects, and hiring plumbers,

electricians, painters, etc.

Procuring affordable and efficient materials

Project supervision

What areas does the interior designers specialise in?

Interior designers plan for different requirements based on individual needs and preferences.

Interior designers can be broadly categorized into two categories namely residential Residential interior designers and Commercial Interior Designers

Affordable residential interior designers in Mumbai specialize in designing living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, can even take care of landscaping or can design the entire house, matching with the client’s tastes and requirements. One can either opt for getting the entire interior of a house designed or can get an existing space renovated. Residential interior designers understand client requirements and plan accordingly to come up with designs that match client tastes and preferences within the stipulated budget. Good interior designers can also come up with a minimalist interior design, contemporary interior design etc. for magnificent homes.

Commercial interior designer Commercial interior designers in Mumbai are engaged in designing retail shops, restaurants, offices, commercial buildings, etc. The cost for commercial designing mainly depends upon the size and the scale of customization that is required for a particular space.

What are the charges for residential and commercial spaces interior designing in Mumbai Maharashtra India?

The interior designing pricing depends on the scale of work and the completion time of a project. The consultation fees range from INR 300 to INR 600. The estimated cost for designing a residential interior would be somewhere around INR 1700 to INR 2100 per square feet and INR 2000 to INR 3500 per square feet for commercial décor.

The fee is charged according to the duration of the designs according to the project. The design usually comprises of drawings and BOQs. Few designers charge an advance fee before the commencement of the project.

Interior Designers in Mumbai also take care of civil work like plumbing work, carpenter, mason. bathroom installation, etc. The standard pricing for civil work ranges from INR 800 to INR 1500 and mainly depends on client requirements. Commercial designing is also inclusive of flooring and other facets. The civil work cost ranges from 10 to 20 percent of the total project cost.

Lighting: It includes lighting fixtures inclusive of ambient lighting and task lighting and the approximate cost is around INR 400 per square foot.

Electrical work: The cost of electrical work is around INR 600 per square foot.

What shall be the duration for the completion for a residential interior designing and commercial interior designing project and what would be the cost?

Usually, commercial design takes more time than residential ones. The completion time usually depends upon the size of the room or house that needs to be designed. Designing a complete house can take somewhere around four to ten weeks whereas commercial space designs can be completed in eighteen to twenty weeks.

Will the professionally designed interiors enhance the value of an existing residential or commercial space in the long run?

A professionally designed interior saves both time and money and enhances the value of an existing property in the long run. Experienced designers assist clients by avoiding expensive mistakes and adds a wow component to the existing space making it gorgeous.

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