What is Interior Design and is Worth the Investment

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What is Interior Design and is Worth the Investment

Usually people hesitate to get their home interiors done professionally as it seems unapproachable to them. However, seeking professional help while getting your home interiors done can result in handful benefits making things lot easier. Professional interior designing saves money, adds utility, makes your house beautiful and enhances the house value. Swami interiors, one of the Top 10 best interior designers in Mumbai brings to you the complete guide for circumnavigating the beautiful biosphere of interior design. Let’s start with the basics!

What does interior designing refer to?

Interior designing is the process that starts with planning and ends with creation of beautiful functional spaces. interior designing blends art with science, making the space useful and beautiful too. Interior designing involves lot of planning to bring out the best. The designers chalk out a blue print of the residential space that needs to be renovated to look out for best possible options that match your taste and lifestyle along with suitable furniture, room décor, lighting and furnishings.

What does the designers do?

Interior designers are trained professionals who cater to your requirements according to your taste and preference. Designers are thoroughly trained to design interiors catering to the carpet size, how one moves around the space, client’s style making it all available within the estimated budget. They can maximize functionality of your house with or without making structural changes. Designers also take care of the execution of the project and supervise the construction.

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Why is an interior designer needed?

For Optimum Utilization of Existing Space: Interior designers design spaces that match your taste and lifestyle. They offer maximum space utility along with comfort. Interior designers are trained to modify the most challenging spaces of your house.

Reflects your Lifestyle: The designers designs interiors as per your preferences and reflects your personality. Colors, lighting, furniture, décor, all add up to make a beautiful home.

Market awareness: Proffesional residential interior designers in Mumbai are well aware of the market and knows what material shall go best with your style. They handpick material, textures and design with space-saving techniques. They are well aware of your requirements and try to match them with your taste, preference and lifestyle.

Enhances your home value: Good interior décor enhances the value of your house. Whether you are looking for a tenant or want to sell you house, tastefully done interiors help you get a good rent or price.

Budget friendly: People usually believe that hiring interior designers is an expensive affair, however, designers work within your estimated budget and strive to get you the best within limited means.

What is the difference between a decorator and a interior designer?

Interior designers assist you with structural renovations along with the décor whereas the decorators only assist you with the decor, like selecting furniture, etc. Designers are trained professionals whereas decorators lack formal education.

What are the functions of an interior designer?

Design & Consultation: Homeowners are overwhelmed with ideas they want their home and the designers turn such ideas into reality through space planning, color combinations, materials and designing and layouts. Designers shape your dreams and offers you a well-designed house that matches your style, personality and taste.

Assisting with Decor: As designers are well aware of your preference and market trends, they assist you in selecting the right decors for your home. Like furniture, curtains, lighting pieces, at best prices.

Installations & Post-installation Checks: Interior designers continuously monitor the installation for trouble free experience and also check the functioning after the installations.

Swami Interiors provides complete range of interior services for your workplace & home. The team also provides 3D models to help you visualize your renovated home and work with professional service associates for flooring, plumbing and electrical requirements. Our dedicated supervisor oversees the project ensuring smooth progress and management of the project.

What is the cost for interior designing?

The cost depends upon the scope of work and designer’s involvement along with the estimated budget. We have written another article about How much does interior designer charge in India

The interior designing charges can be computed in the following ways:

Per sq ft: Depending on the floor space, designers can charge per sq ft. This can range from ₹10 to 100. It can shoot up to ₹3000 if the designer includes carpentry work, flooring and other things as well

Percentage of total cost: The interior designer’s fee could range anywhere between 6 to 15% of the overall project cost. It can increase depending on the designer’s expertise and work involved

Markup on products: Some designers add a premium to each product in the house. Like charging ₹22,000 for a sofa when it was ₹20,000

A lump sum: As the name suggests, the designer charges an amount for the project and there’s no transparency for the amount.

Swami Interiors offers transparent pricing with no hidden cost. The cost is inclusive of all goods and services along with 8% of the project cost as designer’s fee.

If you lack the professional and technical expertise to carry out the mammoth task of designing your abode, we recommend you opt for designer services. It adds value to your home!

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