What is The Price Per Square Foot For Painting

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What is The Price Per Square Foot For Painting?

Many of us get our interiors done before we move into our new house and nothing is changed till the time a ominous need for renovations arise. However, getting the house painted after every two to three years is a must. Painting the house gives a fresh look to the house and is essential for the maintenance of the walls and this makes it mandatory for everyone to inquire about the cost of painting.

Several factors contribute in determining the cost of getting the house painted like the type of paint that needs to be used, total area that needs to be painted, labour charges, area and other miscellaneous cost like cost of brush, rollers, etc.. Selecting the right paint again is a tough decision as I depends upon the texture of the walls and the climatic conditions of the area. Generally, the house owner is not aware of the techniques used for selecting paint, application methodology and the experience of the vendor chosen to paint the house or workplace. In India, unexperienced labour tend to do the paint work which results in shabby looks unprofessional touch. Hence it is advisable to hire experienced work force for getting the painting job done professionally.

Swami interiors, one of the best interior designers in Mumbai , provides you a complete guide on selections, investment and how it affects the painting cost of a house or workplace!

Cost of painting a house per square foot #1: Interior Vs Exterior

A key factor to consider is the surface that needs to be painted. Paint used for exterior walls is cheaper than that of interior walls.. However, the task of painting the exterior walls is tedious as one needs to cover the entire length of the building. Secondly the climatic conditions, heat and dust make the exterior walls rough and to give I a smooth finish requires lots of efforts and time.

#2 Fresh vs Repaint

A fresh coat of paint is more expensive than repainting The condition of the walls is the second factor that needs to be considered. A fresh coating of paint requires at least two coats of putty, primer and a minimum of two to three coats of paint. However, while repainting, only a touch-up of putty and primer and one or two coats of paint is required. Wall punning is recommended for the luxury paints as it boosts the look of the wall. Fresh painting is more expensive more than repainting.

  • Fresh Painting Cost: From ₹20 to ₹38 per sq ft
  • Repainting Cost: From ₹12 to ₹28 per sq ft



#3 Type of Paint

The cost of painting mainly depends upon he type of paint chosen. A large variety of paints are available in the market and the price too varies. Water-soluble distemper paints are cheaper and least durable with a strong smell.

Emulsion paints are both water and oil-based and are of standard quality. They are durable and often washable and some of them paints have anti-fungal properties. The range of emulsion paints is available in matte, glossy, pearl, etc. Texture paint are the most expensive choice and is used for accent walls and require special base preparation, tools and additional labour charges for the anticipated effect.

  • Price for Distemper: From ₹8 per sq ft
  • Pricing of Emulsion: From ₹12 per sq ft
  • Cost of Texture Paint: From ₹80 per sq ft
  • Check with your local contractors and branded services to compare prices!

#4 Number of colorsused

Using a single color is cheaper than using multiple ones When you use a single color to paint the entire house, the cost is less as compared to using different colors. The more colors one uses, the higher is the cost. Use of multiple colors results in high wastage. Selecting a darker shade increases the cost of painting whereas it is cheaper to paint lighter shades.

  • Cost of single-color painting: From ₹20 per sq ft
  • Cost of Painting a House per Square Foot #5: Cost of Labour

#5 Hiring skilled labour is expensive but safe

Labour charges differ as per the geographic locations and climatic conditions. Cost may differ within city limits owing to the standard of living. Hiring skilled labor for getting the painting job done may cost more than the locals. Branded painting services are also available which costs more but offers better finishes than individual contractors.

The labor cost for painting exterior walls is higher. It is very important to find the right resource with the required skills for doing the job. Hence, it is advisable to opt for professional residential interior designers in Mumbai instead of unskilled workers – though it costs more, but provides a professional finish to the house of your dreams!

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