10 Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes in Interior Design

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Avoid These 10 Mistakes That Everyone Makes in Interior Design

Decorating a house is a passion however, people tend to make certain common mistakes while decorating their interiors. Swami interiors, the best residential interior designers in Mumbai tells you how to avoid making such common mistakes.

#1: Bulky furniture

Many people purchase furniture that is too big for the available space. It is a very common mistake that most people make. However, while purchasing furniture, one should carefully analyze the size of the room and the space that the furniture shall occupy as it is very important to provide ease of movement. So carefully choose the furniture that allows ample space for free movement.

#2 Rugs

Rugs should be compatible with the furniture of the room, neither too big nor too small. Make sure that the front legs of the chairs should rest on the rug. The right sized rug can make a room look spacious and comfortable.

#3 Lighting

Lighting is not given enough importance while designing the interior of the house. However, inadequate lighting can make the room look dull and unattractive. Hence, it is very important to seek professional help so that the lighting is properly done as adequate lighting affects mood and harmony for the over all well-being.

#4 Wall art

Paintings and pictures should not be hung too high on the walls. The correct placing is at the eye level. Wrong placement of paintings and pictures spoil the overall interior of the room. Art should be hung at eye level, although small pieces can be hung lower. Also, it should be noted that when art is hung above furniture, it should be eight inches above the top of the furniture piece and should look like they sit together.

#5 Avoid mix and match

Many times, mix and match creates a boring look as people are not confident to try out novel ideas. They stick to primitive methods which makes the place look dull and unattractive. They pick pieces that with a coordinated look. Experiment with novel ideas. Let your selection reflect your personality. Avoid choosing pieces of similar shades.

#6 Deciding the wall colors

Wall paint should be tastefully selected keeping the furniture and furnishings in view. DO NOT select wall colors without considering all the other elements of a space. Once the color has been finalized, check it out. Paint the sample on a foam core board and look at it from various locations and during different times of the day. Designer’s thumb rule: “Paint is the last thing you pick but the first you apply.”

#7 Furniture

It is natural to place furniture against walls. Few interior designs compel you to place furniture against the walls whereas some allow you to put furniture away from the walls. Putting furniture away from the walls makes the room look more interesting, gives you more space and a new look while putting furniture against the walls provides a primitive look.

#8 Follow trends

People, while designing their interiors, are often influenced by the latest trends that appear in the magazines or in TV shows irrespective of the fact whether such décor shall suit their space or not. Since trends change too quickly, it proves to be an expensive affair with absolutely no guarantee that it will suit your space and style. The décor should reflect your taste and personality and should have a comfortable rather that giving an expensive look.

#9 Use of many colors and contrasts

One of the biggest mistake that people make is use of too many colors and contrasts. The outcome is a unbalanced array of colors along with space that makes people uncomfortable. It is advisable to use limited colors, and can experiment with many shades of the same basic color which will result in exciting and dramatic effects.

#10 Cluttered collection

Collections take up lot of space and can clutter the same if left unchecked. One needs to create a explicit demonstration area for his or her collection. Carefully select the number of pieces that need to be displayed. Assemblage of collectables in a certain area will display them better than scattering them all around your home.

Avoiding these common interior designing mistakes will give your home a more organized look and shall enhance your living experience.Hence it's advised to seek help of proffesional residential interior designers in Mumbai to avoid these then mistakes in interior design

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