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vastu Tips For Bedroom

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vastu shastra for bedroom advices that male members of the family should have their bedrooms either in West or Northwest corners of a home as they have powerful and convincing militaries.

It also advices that the female members should have their bedrooms in South or Southeast corners because it indicates good health and cheerfulness.

Guidelines for master bedroom

As per the vastu guidelines the married couple should have their bedrooms in Southwest corner and if the home is multi-storied I is advisable to have the master bedroom on the second floor also, be make sure that the kids don’t have their bedrooms in the same area as it is an indication of trouble.

It is not a good sign that the newly married couples have their bedrooms in East corner of a house. Follow the instructions for master bedroom to gain more benefits.

Guidelines for master bedroom



Guidelines for kids bedroom as per vastu

The following guidelines may help you constructing and decorating your kids bedroom according to vastu:

It is advisable that kids have their bedroom in East or in Northwest corners of a home.

The North and East walls of the kid’s bedroom should be left undecorated as per vastu-Shastra.

In the South, West and Southwest corners the beds should be placed.

While sleeping kid’s head should be in East direction and their foot should be in West direction as it is meant that the energy for an intelligent mind flow in those directions.

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