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Staircase vastu Tips For Home

Reading Time : 2 minutes, 28 seconds

For connecting different areas of the house various strategies are used and constructing staircases is one of them. Both mathematics and science are essential for constructing any element. So, vastu....

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Role of vastu Shastra in Conquering The Peace of Mind

Reading Time : 1 minutes, 59 seconds

Conquering the brain is acknowledged to be the greatest wrestle to be won in the bygone times of mankind. Even Arjuna objected to Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita that he finds it challenging to attain....

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Puja Room vastu Tips

Reading Time : 3 minutes, 4 seconds

The puja room is considered as the most essential room as compared to other rooms of the home as it has vital role in one’s life as it is said that the peace and the positive vibes of the house are....

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List of Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Mumbai

Reading Time : 15 minutes, 29 seconds

Interior designing is all about nurturing invention and experimentation. The best designers are trained in the best workrooms, with realistic hands on experience on designing concepts. Schedule a meeting with our designers ....

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What is Interior Design and is Worth the Investment?

Reading Time : 4 minutes, 29 seconds

Usually people hesitate to get their home interiors done professionally as it seems unapproachable to them. However, seeking professional help while getting your home interiors done can result in handful ....

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How to Decorate Small Living Room

Reading Time : 2 minutes, 4 seconds

Compact spaces offer lot of creative potential thus generating smart ideas regarding how to make optimum use of available space. Compact living spaces can also be tastefully designed making the place ....

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How Often Should You Paint Your House ?

Reading Time : 3 minutes, 54 seconds

A fresh coat of paint brightens up the entire house. People usually wonder how often the house should be painted as painting the entire house is an expensive affair. Many key elements need to be ....

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5 Greatest Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Reading Time : 6 minutes, 2 seconds

We know that from past few years, the IT industries have been developed so fast as compare to other industries. It has make our lives more easier than it was. Failing to make optimum use of smartphones to their full ....

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Vastu Tips For Interior Design

Reading Time : 2 minutes, 42 seconds

Everyone dreams of a well decorated house and if the house interiors are done as per vastu shastra, it depicts a good understanding for diverse zones. These zones transmit positive and negative vibes....

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Kitchen vastu Tips For Location, Direction and Colors

Reading Time : 2 minutes, 57 seconds

According to vastu, kitchen is a very important place as it is a source of food and water, necessary for the good health of its residents. Kitchen also signifies the god of fire as fire is used for....

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